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company news about Something new in 2024

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Something new in 2024
Latest company news about Something new in 2024

The linear actuator market in 2024 is experiencing several notable trends, driven by technological advancements and evolving market demands.


Integration and customization: There's a strong trend toward integrating actuators with other components, such as motors, into a single system. This reduces the need for couplings, lowers weight, and minimizes potential points of failure, making the overall device smaller and easier to use.


Powerful linear actuator: Increasing load requirements in automation favor small size and high performance.


Consider more effects when selecting linear actuators: focus on product safety, environmental impact and energy efficiency.


Different quality level electric actuators entered the market: healthy business environment was broken.


Imported problems: North America has a high import rate of linear actuators from China; Russia market can not get payment.


These trends indicate a dynamic market, we need to have a core competence and Readiness to respond to market changes.


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